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Structure Analysis - Simulation of the stress problem that exist in structures.for finding the safety factor against failure. Sometimes, there is a need for optimization of the structure depending on the desired parameter.

fem structure

Hydrodynamic flow simulation - simulation of the flow where given flow conditions within the areas of the liquid. Characteristics of critical regions are usually needed.


Aerodynamic flow simulation - simulation is needed to find the velocities and pressures around a wing, or an aerodynamic structure, of the air or gas around it. Also, the finding lift and drag are part of the products of the simulation.

CFD Flow

Thermal simulation - in this simulation it is required to know temperature distribution in heat-conducting bodies. In the analysis, the temperature may vary during the various components then it is necessary to know when and at what point in the system the temperature has reached critical temperature.


Magnetic simulation - simulation in which we would like to find the magnetic flux and its intensity in the presence of a magnetic material. In addition, the magnetic field can be induced by an electric field.

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